What Can CBD Do for Your Skin?

Posted on Nov 1, 2019

Crafting a regimen around your unique skin care needs can prove challenging. 

Discover how to elevate your routine with products infused with CBD and take your beauty game to a new level. 

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is featured in more than a few new beauty lines, but what exactly is it? A cannabinoid extracted from the hemp plant, CBD works with the body’s Endocannabinoid System, which helps regulate the body’s internal balance. CBD has been used throughout history for its reputed analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, but the even more wonderful thing is that it does not produce any psychoactive effects. 

We all know that it is important to follow the dermatologist’s orders and put in a little extra TLC when it comes to your face and skin. But, did you know that it is incredibly easy to incorporate CBD into your beauty regimen without having to add any extra steps? You can easily swap out a few of your existing products with high quality skin care featuring CBD.  

No matter how many different advice columns you read, most skincare websites and companies will agree on a fairly standard set of beauty items for normal to average skin types. At CBD Doctor, we have narrowed down our list to include products featuring the benefits of natural ingredients and high quality CBD. 

What are the basic steps in skin care?

If you scour the internet, most skin care guides will recommend following these steps in any fairly standard regimen: 

  1. Cleanser

  2. Toner

  3. Serum 

  4. Spot Treatment (and Eye cream)

  5. Moisturizer

  6. Face Oil (AM) / Retinol (PM) 

  7. SPF (AM) / Face Oil (PM)

Note that some products  are intended to be used at a particular time of the day (morning vs. night) to better address skin’s various needs. Retinols, for example, work better at night, as they can degrade when exposed to the sun’s harsh rays during the day. 

Though they vary slightly from day to night, the essential steps remain the same. How do you take this regimen up a notch? Add a CBD-infused skin care item in place of one of your current products and see the difference! 

CBD can help your skin retain vital moisture in addition to a host of other beneficial qualities. While CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are well-known for soothing irritation caused by acne, excess oil, or other conditions, its antioxidant qualities can also help fight harmful bacteria. This makes CBD the perfect addition to your current beauty system. 

What CBD skin care products are currently on the market?


Although toners used to be made of harsh alcohol-based formulas, current toners gently help remove additional dirt, oils, and makeup residue without the harsh effect. Often, toners have added ingredients like cucumber or aloe to help soothe skin. 

This important daily tool can also shrink pores, fight acne, moisturize, and restore pH balance to skin. Different toners perform a host of other skin care functions, depending on your individual needs. 

Our pick for a CBD toner: Hemp Beauty Wake Up Face Mist

Refresh and energize skin “on the go” with this invigorating CBD face mist. This hydrating formula helps tone skin, tighten pores, and contains protective properties. Key ingredients also include cucumber that boasts vitamin C to wake up skin, folic acid to fight environmental toxins and witch hazel to help improve the appearance of blemishes and reduce dark spots.


The purpose of a serum is to pack an intense dose of antioxidants, hydrators, and nutrients into a targeted punch to fight issues like wrinkles, redness, and unevenness in skin tone. 

Daytime serums are usually formulated with vitamin C and powerful antioxidants that protect your skin from free radicals during the day while brightening skin and impacting dark spots. 

Nighttime serums typically feature hyaluronic acid which pulls moisture from the environment and into your skin to fill and hydrate. 

Retinol formulas sink in and allow skin to produce brighter, less wrinkled skin over time with fewer breakouts and dark spots. 

Tip: Use retinol serums in moderation at first, especially if your skin is sensitive to new products. Additionally, you can add an extra layer of moisturizer shortly after to help reduce skin irritation. 

Our picks for a CBD serum:

AM: Hemp Beauty Glow Up Face Serum (Retinol/Vitamin C)

Ready for the ultimate glow-up? This powerful CBD formula contains a combination of nourishing nutrients that help fade dark spots, reduce UV damage, boost skin’s natural collagen production and protect skin from damage caused by free radicals. Key ingredients also include retinol which stimulates the production of new skin cells as well as vitamin C which boosts skin’s collagen production for firmer, plumper skin.

PM: Hemp Beauty Rest Night Elixir

Wake up to brighter, younger-looking skin with an intensive CBD night elixir that helps promote glowing and vibrant skin. This nourishing formula can help improve elasticity, hydrate, and provide a more youthful appearance. Key ingredients also include collagen which strengthens collagen fibers and protects the integrity of skin structure.

What Can CBD Do for Your Skin?

Spot Treatments/Eye Creams

When problem skin areas arise, this calls for spot treatments which are convenient tools that allow for targeted care in small areas. One spot for concern can be the eyes. 

Eye creams are designed for the especially thin and fragile layer of skin around the eyes. Many daytime eye creams are designed with a rollerball applicator, which can be used to gently massage the area under the eyes. Some eye creams even feature a metal rollerball which can be refrigerated for an added cooling experience. 

In eye creams, many products feature caffeine as an included ingredient, as this tends to help tighten puffy or soft skin under the eyes in under half an hour. Other eye creams protect and repair the layer, enhancing the overall impact. 

Tip: As a general rule, apply eye cream before other creams and oils. 

Our pick for a CBD eye cream: Hemp Beauty Revive & Rewind Eye Cream

Turn back time with your eye’s new BFF. This CBD-enhanced formula helps reduce puffiness and water retention while stimulating the production of new cells and reducing the appearance of fine lines. Key ingredients also include cucumber which provides an anti-inflammatory effect that helps reduce puffiness, and caffeine that tightens and brightens skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circles.


Moisturizers add hydration to the outer layer of skin and keep the moisture locked in to extend the effects of other products on your skin. 

When your skin is exposed to the sun and environment, it faces the harsh effects of the day. In order to protect your skin’s outer layer, many daytime products contain ingredients that combat this but also don’t burden the skin with a heavy layer of product that can cause greasy buildup. Some daytime creams also feature an SPF for added sun protection.

Nighttime moisturizers allow skin to absorb hydration in a sometimes thicker formula. Additionally, these moisturizers often include ingredients like vitamins and retinoids to firm and plump, and glycolic acid to unclog and polish skin. 

Some products feature gels or lotions in a stronger concentration and lighter formula, in order to give you a lightweight option to face the day. 


  • Add moisture AROUND spot treatments. 

  • Wait for moisturizer to absorb before applying makeup.

Our pick for a CBD Moisturizer: Hemp Beauty Bright Day Face Cream

The Hemp Beauty Bright Day Face Cream features the anti-inflammatory effects of aloe vera paired with rosehip oil and the soothing properties of CBD. Brighten your day with this light-weight CBD-enhanced face cream that helps improve moisture and collagen levels while protecting skin from free radical damage. The rosehip oil is packed with tiny molecules that can help improve moisture and hyperpigmentation and the aloe vera helps soften and hydrate skin without clogging pores.

Bonus Feature: Masks 

It is first and foremost your skin that faces the consequences of the harsh impact of the changing seasons. How do you fight the effects of the seasons and those daily stressors? Try a luxurious mask infused with CBD. 

For those looking for that extra step in their skin care regimen, a mask can provide an extra boost of hydration, improve the appearance of pores, clear excess oils, and provide a dose of CBD. 

Our pick for a CBD Mask: Hemp Beauty Detox + Renew Night Mask

Detox the night away with this highly-nourishing CBD night face cream, rich in antioxidants, which help heal damaged skin, restore moisture and revive skin. Key ingredients also include acai berry which is packed with vitamins A, B, C and E to help prevent wrinkles, fine lines and helps cell regeneration and passion fruit which helps protect against environmental stressors and pollutants.

Beyond Your Face

CBD-infused skin care definitely extends beyond the benefits for your face. There are so many fabulous products to choose from to elevate your self care routine. Let’s highlight a few of the options available.  

Restoring and Repairing Your Skin

Your face is looking and feeling wonderful, but you want more. Dry elbows and knees? Seasonal blotchiness? Achy muscles? 

If you are looking for a little extra pampering, try a skin care product that helps restore and repair skin with wonderful components that return skin to its natural balance. A popular ingredient in many products is honey, which is a humectant – think humidity – or a substance that soaks up water and keeps it locked in. When combined with CBD, these products can truly make a difference in overcoming those challenge areas. 

Our pick for a CBD Massage Cream: Organic Hive Massage Cream

This massage cream works for all areas of your body where you experience inflammation including pain, burns, dry skin, rash, itchiness, muscle soreness or any irritation. Contains no THC.


Overall, following a skin care routine should restore, energize, and hydrate skin, returning it to its natural state, leaving you with a healthy glow. 

With an incredible variety of products from which to choose, adding CBD into your skin care routine can be just as easy as swapping out your old products with these hot items infused with CBD. Why not do double duty without any additional work by protecting your skin with effective products while adding the non-psychoactive properties of CBD? At CBD Doctor, we offer a curated collection of CBD-infused beauty items, so that you don’t have to skimp on something as important as skin care.

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